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Commercial multi-engine checkride -- PASSED!

Woo hoo! On Thursday I passed my multi-engine commercial checkride. I took it in a Beechcraft Duchess

My certification now is:
Commercial Pilot
Airplane Single Engine Land
Airplane Multi Engine Land
Instrument Airplane

Although I intend to not (for a while anyhow) solo the twin that I have been training in, getting the ticket is important because in order to fly it with passengers (per the insurance requirements), I need a fair number of PIC hours (15, I think) -- which, of course, you can't get until you are *licensed*. NOW, while my CFI and I continue to work on my MEI (which is the ultimate goal here), I will be building PIC hours toward the MEI as well as meeting the insurance requirements.

Still working on Helicopter -- that one takes a LOT more time and a lot more practice. I now have all the flight experience requirements and just need to practice and take the checkride. In this case, however, I will likely go for private pilot and not go for the precision required for commercial pilot. But, being back to work again, the time to spend on it may be less *sigh*.