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Awesome glider flight -- over SEVEN hours!

Yesterday I took a glider flight with Matt, one of the other members of my glider club. It was an awesome day. We departed Hollister (KCVH) at a little before noon (we released from the tow plane right about at noon at 5500' MSL) and we traveled south past Avenal turning around over Soda Lake (about 6 miles west of McKittrick, CA) returning to Hollister at about 7 PM.

Matt is amazing at being able to spot and use lift and this was an unbelievably good day -- esp for April. Lots of the lift was convergence, not thermals, so we were able to fly in a straight line rather than circles for a good chunk of the time.

We found another glider (GB) going the same way and we ended up kind of playing leapfrog in the air: one of us would find some lift, end up ahead of the other and vice-versa, back and forth for the whole day.

My back hates me now (the glider is small and you can't move around much -- one position for over 7 hours), but it was worth it!

A picture, taken from GB, of me and Matt in KM is here: Lisa and Matt in KM