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BASA (Bay Area Soaring Association)

Since I passed my checkride, I have chosen to join a club called BASA (licensed pilots only) and am in the process of getting checked out in their (our?) Grob 103. It's a multi day checkout, so I did part last week and will complete it on 8/11/07.

Certified Glider Pilot!

Whoo Hoo!!!

What a great 6 days it was.

I decided to get my glider rating in Truckee, CA... I spent 5 days there doing the "total immersion" technique of learning how to glider fly (i.e. I did little else for all those days). In order to get a commercial add-on, I had to get in 20 solo flights and, of course, do all the prep work for the oral as well as the actual flight check.

I passed my checkride and am now a licensed glider pilot!!!


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