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Got to ride in an Evektor SportStar today

A friend today invited me to ride with him while he got a bit more practice in. This was only my second time in a LSA. This particular one reminded me a lot of the plane I learned to fly in -- a Piper Tomahawk (aka "traumahawk"). Similar size and engine power. The Sportstar has a canopy of a single sheet of Plexiglas (well, at most, one on each side) and the visibility is quite nice.

Skiing at Heavenly 2016-03-02

I went skiing yesterday with friends. It was my first time skiing in about three years and only about my third time in the last ten years! I was afraid I would be really rusty and realized it would probably have to take it easy. In the end, I didn't. After about 3 runs, I was again skiing like the way I was 10 years ago. It was just incredible... but I am paying for it now in bruises and sore muscles. I had no falls this is just muscles that haven't been used in a long time -- and they definitely missed it, too.

ASES add on to CPL license

Feb 18th passed a checkride for ASES (Airplane Single-Engine Sea) rating added on to my Commercial Pilot certificate. I took the lessons with Foothill Aviation out of KCPU and flew with Terry (she's an awesome CFI) and tested with a very nice DPE by the name of Jim Hinson.

Sailing in the north bay on 2015-07-26

Had a nice sail with, for the first time on a boat with more than 3 people, all women! There were 11 of us (12 were scheduled but one wasn't feeling well). It was an awesome day and we all had a lot of fun. Map of our route is here

Late post on one of the IFR practice sessions

On 4-10, a friend and I did some IFR practice. I believe this track is from his part under the hood... but it's still quite interesting to look at.

This includes an approach into KCVH / Hollister (we had to go quite far south to set up for this) followed by a few holds, then one into E16 / South County and then finally one into KWVI / Watsonville, where we had lunch before it was my turn to sweat under the hood.

First Wed night sailing race of the year

I was in the Beer Can race last night at SYC. Unfortunately I will miss the next FOUR because I have appointments and/or will be out of town. Nevertheless, it was a great time, though the track (shown here) may seem a bit dull.

Day cruise on a Merit 25 in the South bay

Today was a nice day for sailing. Took out 3 club member on a Merit 25 for a 4 hour sail around the South bay. We decided to try for the San Mateo Bridge before heading back and just made it in time. Track is here.

Nice day trip to Los Banos

Flew with a friend today who hasn't been in a small plane in over 10 years (since the last time he and I flew together). We went down to Los Banos for lunch (and back, of course). Was a nice day and a nice lunch. Track is here.

More IFR practice

A good pilot (CFII) friend of mine took me up in his plane again today and we did mutual CFI-ing for each other while the other was under the hood. We each got in three approaches and a hold each. Track is here for my last approach into RHV (Reid Hillview airport in San Jose).

Lunch flight to Reading

Nice flight yesterday. Met a group of fiends at Reading, CA airport today for lunch. I flew with a friend in his turbo C182. Nice airspeed! About similar to my BE36. He has a G1000, though and the autopilot on that is nice. I didn't think to turn my XWing Pro recording on my iPad on for the tripup, but the track of the flight back is here


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